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The Holocaust of Jews by the nazis... Why ?

Tuesday 12 April 2016, by Robert Paris

The Holocaust of Jews by the nazis... Why ?

Nazism has never hidden to consider that the fight against the Jews was part of his struggle against communism. It should be remembered that Germany and Europe have just come out of a period (1917-1923) which proletarian communism represented a real threat to capitalism and the bourgeoisie, whether fascist or democratic, said that the Jews had played an important part in the European communist current as explained below the English bourgeois leader:

"There is no reason to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and the real contribution to the Russian Revolution by these international and for most Jews, atheists. It is certainly very great; it probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of characters are leaders of the Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and leader to come from Jewish leaders."

Winston Churchill in "Zionism against Bolshevism: a fight for the soul of the Jewish people"

We did not know?

"More than 700,000 Polish Jews were exterminated by the Germans in the greatest massacre ever. "

25 juin1942 in the" Daily Telegraph "of London

Anne Frank (13 years), Jews of German origin, is hidden in a secret apartment in Amsterdam with his family. She writes in his famous Journal as of Friday, October 9, 1942 :

"We know that these poor people [the Jews captured by the Nazis] massacred the English radio talking about gas chamber.."

Samuel Zygelbojm, a member of the Polish National Council in London, wounded by the indifference of public opinion, committed suicide May 12, 1943:

"May my death be a cry against the indifference with which the world is watching the destruction of the Jewish world and does nothing to stop it. "

We knew what Hitler was going to do and why?

Adolf Hitler exhibited in 1923 in "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) the link it establishes between the destruction of the working class as a class, as an international revolutionary consciousness and racist ideology, tasked with restoring a national consciousness of the German people:

"I had meanwhile discovered the existing relationship between this destructive doctrine (socialism and communism) and the specific character of a people (the Jews) (...) The Marxist Jewish doctrine rejects the aristocratic principle observed by nature. (...) One day, disaster suddenly made his sudden irruption. Sailors arrived in trucks and automobiles excited to revolution; some young Jews were the leaders of this movement (...) The situation was untenable and urged the continuation of the revolution (...) and eventually led to the dictatorship of the Soviets, to speak to a passing sovereignty of the Jews, which had been originally the aim of the promoters of the revolution and the ideal they had cherished. (...) The Jew will remain the undisputed leader of the labor movement as has not been undertaken a gigantic work (...) so that the state will not be rid of the Jew and his underground work. (...) In view policy, the Jew begins to replace the idea of democracy by the dictatorship of the proletariat. (...) We must act nationally with the enthusiasm required extreme solutions. (...) The German nation will be lifted again, if we do not resolutely considering the question of race, and therefore the Jewish question (...) the inclusion in a national community of the great mass of our people, which is now in the camp of internationalism (...) the incorporation of a condition, became a class in the popular community (...) All the special interests to different conditions or occupations need not lead in no separation between classes. (...) The biggest obstacle to the approximation of today’s worker and the national community, it is not the action of the representatives of its corporate interests but that of leaders who work in the direction of internationalism in a spirit hostile to the people and the homeland. (...) The Marxist doctrine is, in short, the essence of the philosophical system today. (...) The bourgeois world is Marxist (...) and this world deliberately designed to put power in the hands of the Jews. On the contrary, the racist conception gave way to the value of different primitive races of mankind. In principle, it sees in the state a goal that is the continued existence of human races. (...) Our German people unfortunately have to base a homogeneous race. (...) If, for example, an individual of a particular race was united to the representative of an inferior race, the result of crossing would be a lowering of the level itself (...) The racist state will have to repair the damage by what we neglect to do today in this area. (...) The state must declare any known ill person or carrier of hereditary defects, thus transmitted to its offspring, has no right to reproduce and must physically remove him the means. (...) The race commission, made specially, must issue a permit to settle, according to a defined purity of race and he will give evidence. (...) The first duty of the state is to serve the people (...) is to retain the best of the breed (...) Our first task is to destroy the existing Jewish state. (...) Germany is today the next major goal of Bolshevism. It takes all the strength of a great idea, the whole consciousness of a mission to tear once again our people to embrace this hydra, to stop the progress of the contamination of our blood (...) A State that at a time of contamination of races, jealously guards the conservation of the best elements of his own, should one day become the master of the earth. "

Today the lies and omissions are multiple on the issue of the extermination of European Jews. We want to make it a separate issue of other social and political goals of fascism, separate social goals and policies of the German bourgeoisie or the European bourgeoisie against the proletariat and the oppressed peoples against the new revolutionary threat that could arise in Europe the crisis of capitalism and war. We are introduced to this genocide as the product of violent anti-Semitic sentiments cultivated by the Nazis.

The genocide of the Jews simple product of racism and anti-Semitism in Germany or Poland?

Proceeds from the madness of Hitler and the Nazis?


Irrational phenomenon?


We did not know?


The Jews left out by traditional behavior?


The "democratic" States did not know and were not responsible?


The publicly denounce nothing would change?


The massacre of Jews has nothing to do with the anti-communist goals of European fascism?

Fascism against the working class in Europe, only Hitler and the Nazis? This does not have the consent of all the bourgeoisies?


They have indeed considered that it was the price to pay to get rid of the danger of revolution in Europe. The "democratic" States led the war against fascism? Wrong again! They were just competing with German imperialism. Fascism against the working class and peoples, they were for.

The text of "Matter and revolution" following the question differently: what link is there between a genocide of the Jews and the question of class struggle and revolution in Europe.
The massacre of Jews in Germany and throughout Europe (especially Poland and the USSR) is well known today. At least, it is believed to know well. Yet this large-scale genocide without reaction still lacks explanation. Is it enough to understand its meaning to say that Hitler was a racist? Or to say that people from Germany, Austria or Poland were sensitive to racism and anti-Semitism? This may explain a great pogrom. But the extermination that took place during the Second World War is nothing like a simple pogrom. The population nor spontaneous or manipulated way, there takes no part. Most of the death camps are located in Poland, where the German population, the fraction who supported anti-Semitism, had no access. The other major massacre took place in Ukraine. in both cases, these are the special forces of the German state that were responsible for implementation. It has nothing to do with a racist demagogy of this kind since removal received no publicity in any country. so this is the German state officials and the German ruling class who decided, with the complicity of political leaders and the ruling classes of the world, including allies. on the other hand, anti-Semitism he explains how the entire planet, including Jewish organizations around the world, has left massacre millions of men, women and children? No, it is certain that the right-thinking society, that is to say, is wearing well, had no desire to know and still did not want to analyze the causes. One can even say that everything the company has representatives and spokesmen of the ruling class does not want to understand. Michael Marrus wrote in "The holocaust in history" that "Many people, including those familiar questions of history, continue to believe that the murder of European Jews is not material to historical arguments (. ..) A traditional view is that the Holocaust under its supreme importance, as it is outside of history. " "The Holocaust is not amenable to traditional historical review written Nora Levin, not only because of the scale of destruction (the murder of six million Jews), but because the events surrounding it are strictly speak incomprehensible. no one really understands how the killings have occurred on such a large scale or how we let them happen. " In appendix to "If This Is a Man" Primo Levi wrote: "Antisemitism is a typical phenomenon of intolerance (...) Fascist and Nazi propaganda needed a scapegoat on which to fall all. the faults and all the rancor, and the phenomenon was brought to a climax by Hitler, single-minded dictator However, I must admit that those explanations, which are those commonly accepted, do not satisfy me. they are restrictive, without action, without proportion with the events they are supposed to illuminate. (...) to explain this madness, this kind of collective lurch, it usually assumes the combination of several different factors that are insufficient since they are considered separately, whose principal is the same personality of Hitler, and the deep relationships of interaction that bound him to the German people. (...) But again, this does not seem conclusive. We can not, in my looks -it explain a historical phenomenon by attributing all responsibility to a single individual. (...) Maybe this happened can not be understood, and even should not be included (expression underlined by the author), insofar understand is almost justified. (...) This baffles us and comforts us together, because it may be desirable that what they said and what they did not we be more understandable. " This refusal to understand, this justification of the need not to understand, is very impressive and reproduces a perspective that is not specific to primo Levi, but is genral the global post-war society. the ruling class has not been specifically want to know She knows too well that a certainly reveal analysis. the big lie of the official interpretation that this would be inexplicable horror, or due to the wickedness of the Nazis and to human nature, it seems bad a. gratuitous violence in sum? Can one imagine that this massacre as costly in effort, resources, would be free? It is impressive that we be satisfied with explanations too hollow, too inept, and also misleading, for an act of such an extent that he was not likely to escape any of the ruling classes of the world. To claim that such action, which required large resources and a global complicity, had no rational purpose is abusing the need of explanation that one can not always choke. Even if we simply say that the Nazis were anti-Semitic murderers, obvious, this does not explain all the state forces of Germany, and of continental Europe have lent their support to this large-scale crime without make trouble. Nor, even less, explain that the warring states with Germany (the "Allies"), the USA and England, for example, have remained silent about this extermination. Then, when it was no longer possible to be silent, to be well keep acting. The existence of death camps was concealed at the time the general public, especially the victims, but the states were unaware anything. We now have thousands of proofs of this. They sometimes denounced "violence" against Jews, but they never allowed the world’s people to know there was a systematic operation of complete removal. And this also needs to be explained. Why were they removed as a way to put their side in the war between them in Germany, the support of entire peoples?
Decades after, the interpretation of events remains hidden. Because reveal, show the same time working on what basis the whole of bourgeois society, how its "democratic" phase is not so opposed to his "fascist" phase. And how capitalist society could still switch in horror, as if simply became again the interest of the ruling classes. Years later, he is still not subject to unveil to the public, including the Jews, all complicities that this mass murder received in all bourgeois classes of the world, those who have the means to stop the massacre or at least to announce the worldwide. Images horror of the death camps had this result to bring everyone to close their eyes and to say that it exceeds its ability to withstand horror images.
On the part of the Allies, by the Jewish leaders, reveal nothing about the goals of the Nazi extermination was already a crime. These revelations would have avoided most of the future victims wait their killers without leakage, to accept without revolt, to be ghettoized then shipped to the death camps without attempting to raise. This has not prevented the uprisings - they were much more numerous than is generally believed - but it made them desperate. Ignorance of the goals of the Nazis prevented the Jews, convinced that it was "simple" pogroms of defense. The fundamental lie that worked so well with the Jews, was that it was essential to let it go, let the killers act, let them kill 500 or 5,000 Jews but to save the 500 or 5,000 other under the justification that revolt would have led the Nazis to kill them all. So it was to sacrifice for the benefit of entire community. Understand that this was in 1941, a killing operation was possible, but it was not for the notable and the bourgeois who ran the Jewish community nor bourgeois political chfs the Western world. Because the truth had revolutionary implications. If the state wants our death, initiated the struggle to the death, we must overthrow the state, we must make the revolution. And conversely, the bourgeois state is fascist because he is engaged in a death struggle: the struggle against the threats of the proletarian revolution in Europe. The massacre of the Jews is indispensable in this context as it is essential in Germany. We must indoctrinate the petty bourgeoisie in the racist sense to prevent it turns against the ruling classes. We must give the fascist troops the means to be feared, to be respected and given the means to gain them some enrichment at the expense of victims. To this end, the Jews are a scapegoat suitable for the Nazis. But the real objective is to terrorize workers, supervise and eradicate the revolutionary risks. On this point, the Jews of today are still unaware why German fascism massacred the Jews of Europe. The fear of the revolution could only push them to go through. Hitting the Jews needed to concentrate. The focus in ghettos permitted Jews to oppose the other oppressed, but it had also resulted in the concentration of poverty and rebellion. It was then transformed into ghettos terrorist internment camps and ultimately into an extermination camp.

The fundamental objective of the Nazis in Europe, fight against the proletarian revolution on the continent of borgeoises powers such as France, England or the US, so-called democratic powers, had nothing against. Fight against communism was also their perspective. The Nazis are responsible in their way was no problem with the "Western democracies" and that’s why they have closed their eyes as much as possible, as long as there were no public facts, Germany and in countries occupied by Germany, which would have unveiled their passive complicity.
there has been a real general conspiracy, world, silence, much easier than the local Jewish community organizations where populations suffered massive violence, were the first to try to hide the facts, for fear of provoking a general uprising of the Jewish population. And indeed, contrary to the view of a traditional submission, the Jews showed that they could revolt. Much has been written on the fatalism of the Jews, on the supposedly atavistic passivity of the victims. This statement is false. Revolts took place in the ghettos, in the concentration camps and even in the death camps. By cons, they have almost all occurred when the massacre had reached an end and the last survivors were waiting for the end. Because then all the lies of the Nazis, peddled by leaders, were too worn to continue to prevent the fight. Jews would die, but the community would go back thanks to survivors, as long as the Jews were not trying to act against the authorities. Poland was home to several revolts, especially those ghettos in 1943 and that of the city of Warsaw in 1944, but also collective revolts internment camps and also the death camps like Treblinka and Sobibor. As written by Nicolas Weill in Le Monde of 19 April 1983 "In Warsaw, as in the rest of Europe from Hitler, Jews are abandoned to their fate. April 27, 1943, the rebels of Warsaw press Zyngielbojm Arthur, representing the Bund in London with the Polish government in exile, to persuade the Allies to exercise immediate retaliation: "On behalf of the millions of Jews who have died at names of those who are killed in the flames, the name of the heroic fighters and in behalf of all who are promised death, we appeal to the world. (...) The Allies must be aware of the historic responsibility which would reflect on them if they remained without reaction to a crime that never had equivalent (...) "The Allies remain deaf to these calls. To protest against government indifference and apathy of public opinion, Arthur Zyngielbojm committed suicide May 12 " Never do these revolts were supported by the Allies, nor reported to the public by the allied rulers or by Zionist organizations in other countries. No revolts East has never received support and the Allies kept even then is of value to popularize these Bravery which broke with the bid. They even hidden as they could. They preferred to present the Jewish people as a fatalist and believe that he had been doing without moving. In fact, nowhere the ruling classes have never had the slightest sympathy for the rebellious peoples, including the case of nations delivered to certain death as were the Jews. And Jewish members and the Jewish organizations of the ruling classes in countries under Nazi boot or countries "allies" had no more sympathy for a fight that could have revolutionary consequences. All ruling classes know, class interests, it is more important than the so-called ethnic solidarity, national or religious.

Russian troops as allies, allowed the Nazis crushed the revolt in Warsaw before taking the city. Conclusion: the destruction of nine-tenths of the capital with 200,000 deaths varsociens and five hundred thousand taken into captivity or deported. Bor Kornorowski writes: "On August 1 to 17 hours a hail of bullets fell from some windows, the Germans circulating in the streets. "Henri Michel reports:" Begun in hope and enthusiasm of all populaton, the insurgency will nevertheless be completed on October 3 by the unconditional surrender of the insurgents, after sixty-three days of fierce fighting in the streets, floors of buildings on both sides of the altar of the cathedral, in cemeteries and sewers (...) the civilians erected barricades, dug trenches, made ammunition, repaired weapons, cleared the streets (...) the British and the Americans do not want to undertake anything that might displease their Soviet ally (...) mainly because the maintenance of the "strange alliance" caused by Hitler’s absolutely essential to ensure the world a lasting peace once the war ended. (...) Stalin distrusts the Polish Communists remained in Poland, Trotskyism suspects and nationalism. It gives confidence to those he APRIS on hand in Moscow and waiting for their time to come to Lublin to install Warsaw very close to that of the USSR regime. "He wrote in Le Monde on 5 Aput 1984. The Russian military offensive was deliberately delayed to let the Germans crush Warsaw. Why ?Resistance was yet their a priori favorable to the Russian-American camp, but no "democratic allies" will judge the revolt of a people is safe in this world war end. Including the revolt of the Jewish people. This is why no one in the ruling classes, including their fraction of Jewish origin, has wanted to raise the issue of the massacre of Jews. Because the lift was, like it or not, call the people to revolution and risk redo greatest revolution of 1917.

Jean-François Steiner writes in "Treblinka, the revolt of a camp extermination ": " one of the great leaders of the great Warsaw uprising finds solitude in a prophetic message: "the world is silent (...) the Vatican representative god is silent; we was in London and Washington; Jews in America are silent. This silence is astonishing and appalling."

To all who would cover their silence and passivity by blaming Steiner of anti-Semitism, Simone de Beauvoir replied in the preface of the book: "So many stories that Steiner had read had the million dead Jews in the camps - among them were located his father and most of his family - as pitiful victims: would they could not refuse this role? (...) Steiner decided to look at the (facts) in front (...) This book will be worth it, I am betting, of being accused of anti-Semitism by those whose silence, prudence, evasions threw the disorder in hearts. (...) The collusion with the Germans of Jewish notables constituting Judenraten is a known fact that is easily understood; at all times, in all countries, with few exceptions, notable work with the winners: Class case. (...) It seems absurd to have been attributed to the Jews a fatalistic resignation. "

Who could have an interest in this presentation of the facts, hiding during the war of extermination of the Jews, to hide the revolts of the ghettos, concentration camps and even the death camps? Why organizations, States, including most Jewish Zionist organizations or they have hidden these facts or have not sought to disclose in the world? Why is she talking about Simone de Beauvoir in this a "class thing"? Why are the classes? Do we still mix the question of the class struggle to the "final solution" of the Nazis?

All is made to believe that anti-Semitism is an ideology and a policy that would have nothing to do with the functioning of society with capitalist exploitation and class struggle. And yet ...

The "Final Solution" by the Nazis to the Jewish question in Europe assumed that the Jews were a problem in Europe? Indeed, such an operation could only be a criminal whim of some deranged. She assumed not only the work of the entire unit of German state that perfectly describes Raul Hiberg but also the interests of the European bourgeoisie to get rid not only of an oppressed people but of all the reasons that caused a threatening revolution in Europe since World war II. Nazism has never hidden to link the fight against the Jews in battle against communism. Many people have only taken it for propaganda, but it is something else. The reality of the revolution that swept Europe at the end of the First World War shows it. I cites the discussion of the heads of the four victorious great powers at the end of the First World War on the "Jewish question" and we can see that they also connect this issue to that of the communist revolution in Europe. The passivity of the other powers and Western bourgeoisie brings to reflect the interests of all bourgeoisies in this criminal act. These so-called democratic powers had no interest in preventing German fascism to give a sweep in Europe against communism, against the working class and oppressed peoples against. We had seen during the Spanish revolution of 1936 when German fascism was able with impunity to intervene militarily without the slightest hint of the "democratic" powers to stop him. German fascism, extending to Europe, had to expunge the revolutionary risk across the continent and the risk involved of course the proletarian revolution but also the revolt of oppressed peoples. Fascism thus accomplishing the reverse movement of the one that had known Europe from the Russian Revolution of 1917, extending the revolution not only to the proletariat but to the oppressed peoples. Hitler met Lenin uniting proletarians and oppressed peoples e, jointly crushing both. It is no coincidence that the mass extermination of Jews began in Poland, where they represented a revolutionary proletariat with the hazard in cities and continued in Russia.

The first point is obscured is the nature of fascism: a possible policy of capitalist society, when it feels threatened by the proletariat. Italy and Germany were famous examples, but these are not the only ones. Fascism is far from being dead with these pre-war plans. It is the need for the ruling class, in certain social and political situations destabilized, crush in blood all forms of working class organization. One of the often hidden point is the choice of the big bourgeoisie, capitalists, bankers, political leaders, religious and military. All these were never fanatics by Nazi ideology. They first class chosen by choice: the Nazis offered them to get out of a situation where the threat of communism weighed incessantly. The other bourgeoisies of Europe also preferred to fascism to communism, even though Nazism also represented the choice of challenging the report of inter-imperialist global forces that could only lead to world war. The anti-democratic aspects, including against the bourgeois parties were considered moderately bothersome unavoidable defects, either by German or international bourgeoisie. It must be remembered that Hitler began to arm themselves when the proletariat was threatening, especially with the workers’ revolution in Spain and the general strike in France.
The second point is the origin of class hostility to the Jews, even if they were not a class, do not specifically belong to a class. Many want to believe that the massacre of Jews must all Hitler and Germany. In fact, anti-Semitism is not particularly German. It is far from being born with Hitler. He was at the same time highly developed in the world, including in the "democracies" like France or the USA. Hostility to Jews has several origins are varied according to the social classes. The petty bourgeois sees a competition. The bourgeoisie exploits these feelings, thus diverting the hatred of the petty bourgeois against the financial, moneylenders and bankers, by pretending they are all Jews! And that all Jews are bankers! That says a lot about the inability of the petty bourgeoisie to have organizations, designs, ideologies and perspectives independently. It’s the little decadent bourgeoisie of Europe who most developed anti-Semitism, like that of Austria after the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. But the European bourgeoisie had its own reasons to hate the Jews. With the end of the great capitalist era before the First World War, with the rise of the revolutionary threats of the European proletariat, that the Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia, and organizing themselves massively turning to the labor and socialist movement, caused the fear of the ruling classes of Europe. Notice how the leaders of the so-called democratic powers of World War discuss the "Jewish question" after many Jews chose Bolshevism in Russia and the Communist parties in Eastern Europe, while the proletarian revolution threatened the domination capitalist across Europe at the end of world war II:

April 30, 1919

President Wilson: One of the elements that disturb the peace of the world is the persecution of Jews. You know they are particularly badly treated in Poland and they are denied citizenship rights in Romania. (...) Remember that when the Jews were treated as outlaws in England, they were acting like outlaws. Our desire is to bring them everywhere in the common law. (...)
May 3, 1919 Our governments, at least the British and American governments have taken vis-à-vis the Jews, the commitment to establish in Palestine something resembling a Jewish state, and the Arabs are very opposed. May 17, 1919 This is not only a sense of goodwill towards the Jews, but by the uncertainty of the danger of unfair treatment of the Jews created in different parts of Europe. The role of Jews in the Bolshevik movement is undoubtedly due to the oppression that their race has suffered for so long. Persecution prevent patriotism born and cause the spirit of revolt. Unless we remedy the situation portions of the Jews, it will remain a danger to the world. June 6, 1919 France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, it is not in their territories found this element Jew can become a threat to peace in Europe, but in Russia, Romania, Poland, wherever Jews are persecuted. Lloyd George: this issue will remain until the Poles become smart enough to know leverage their Jews, as do the Germans. June 23, 1919 President Wilson: the most important is to address the concerns of the Jews. I am always afraid of leaving any this side leaven dangerous.

Excerpts from "The deliberations of the Council of Four", CNRS editions

What most feared political leaders of the ruling classes of the world at the end of World War I, it is the revolutionary risk and they were aware that the situation of Jews in Europe increased risks. The Russian Revolution had already shown that the oppression of the Jews, far from being content to conduct the allegedly traditional fatalism, could lead to a significant fraction of Jews alongside the social revolution. And in countries such as Poland, the risk was increased tenfold by the fact that the Jews, very oppressed, represented a significant fraction of the population and even greater than that of cities, including a significant fraction of the working class and the most craftsmen, including major cities such as Warsaw or Lodz. Far from wanting to tackle the roots of evil, oppression of Jews, pogroms whose cause was the art of the ruling classes to drown discontent in the pogrom, the leaders of the great "democracies" of France, of England and the US had first and foremost need of fascism against the revolution. Germany was well demonstrated in 1918-19 with the German bourgeoisie organizing order of social democracy crush in blood the workers’ revolution by the "corps" fascists. If the revolutionary wave is defeated, it is based on the plans of semi-fascist Europe as anti-Semitic Polish dictatorship of General Pilsudski. The situation before the Second World War is a new mobilization of the oppressed Jews of Europe, as she knows a new mobilization of the proletariat, again threatening. It must first be remembered that in 1936, the workers and the young Jews were likely to be attracted to the Stalinist Communist current. The agreement between Stalin and Hitler in 1939 to the invasion and division of Poland was hard to break this attraction. The fact remained less than the Jews, a significant fraction of the proletarian population of the cities of Poland, radicalized at that time and were a threat to the bourgeoisie.
The third issue is the use of racism by Nazism, German version of fascism. All fascism does not necessarily have the same demagoguery, the same ways of dividing the oppressed with hateful and violent ideologies. For example, Italian fascism, which preceded eleven, did not use any of this kind of demagoguery. Nationalism, religion, ethnicity, racism offer multiple versions. But all these proagandes, fascism is not the only one to use them to divide people. All imperialisms, including its "democratic" phase in the cities, the use of violent methods in their colonies. Massacres used to deal with colonial revolts, this is a common method, including the regimes considered in the metropolis as "democratic". All bourgeois societies reserve the right to trigger mass violence if threatened by revolution, both the cons-revolution, or civil, preventive war, the demagogic diversion taking a fraction of the oppressed as scapegoats, or bath genocidal blood. In all these cases, the ruling class decides to deliver the country from barbarism to save the system a revolutionary threat. Fascism is indeed a response to the threat of a revolutionary upsurge of the class struggle. Nazism occurred in the country where the proletariat was the strongest, most organized, with the most revolutionary experiences behind him, a few years before, throughout Europe. To address the petty bourgeoisie, the hijack of a struggle against the bourgeoisie, the Nazis had designated the finger "Jewish finance" to believe the allegedly revolutionary and socialist character of national-party "socialist". He was speaking at the same time the big bourgeoisie, claiming that Bolshevik ideology was Jewish and that the enemies of Germany were "the Anglo-French-American Jewry." In mobilizing protests and monsters petty bourgeois meetings, decommissioned, the unemployed, the Nazis sought to paralyze the working class, divided by the policies of the social democrats and Stalinists. When the proletariat was beaten without a fight, Germany, the Nazis who wanted to expand his empire trimmed during the First World War, not only had to fight the armies of neighboring countries - which was not very difficult for capitalism the more dynamic Europe as soon as the left rearm - he had to practice against-revolutions in all conquered countries. This is why the anti-Semitic campaign has spread from Germany across Europe. Across Europe, the revolution had been defeated after the First World War, but the crisis was based risks that the proletariat of Europe, especially that of Germany - revival movement. The German proletariat was defeated in 1933. One of Spain in 1936. The revolution has been hijacked by the left and the unions in France in 1936. It was not finished. We had to physically crush, especially morally the working classes and the peoples of Europe. The extermination of the Jews answered, as in Germany, these various objectives: an opportunity to loot millions of people to pay for a personal political commitment to crush peoples, violence against jsutifiée poorer by "racial criteria", a division of classes preventing workers’ mobilization, violence impressive giving an impression of overwhelming strength of the Nazis, and victims who were bound hand and foot by their own leaders.

well yes, again the story is the product of the struggle classes ! Astonishing that states that organizations have not raised this issue during the war and have waited for it to claim "discover with horror the death camps"? No !Amazing that people, including the Jews, were led by their ruling classes? Amazing that they did not want to jeopardize their class interests to the interests of the people, he was the "them"? State or a ruling class has sought to prevent the coming to power of Nazism. Why would they sacrificed their class interests to save a people, whatever. They had no more desire to save the Jewish people, as Raul Hilberg recalled giving multiple examples of the refusal of states allied to worry about the fate of the Jewish people, then they, themselves, all their details to know that it was a genocide. Jewish organizations allied countries have not responded to advantage, while their leaders were also aware. At most, some tried to save lives by negotiating with States, and to take the most possible people in Israel, but they condemned the genocide to the world. What wonder that Jewish leaders, and their ruling class, are not, in this regard, the exception that confirms the rule? They put even more energy to "discover" the extermination camps, after the war - and extermination - were finished they had put their denial, or do nothing for awareness throughout the war. Recall that the efforts of Jewish activists camps to get information about their situation, the success of this business even to Warsaw whose leaders had then contacts with the world, dating back to ... 1941! Raul Hilberg, like many other authors relate plain facts that show that the world’s leaders knew exactly what was happening. What can we expect from bourgeois leaders when it comes to the death of a people? Nothing !And the main thing is not to be indignant but be aware that in the face of fascism, there is only one force that is truly able to beat her: the proletarian revolution! Reformism - which is to mask the realities of struggle between irreconcilable class interests - does not die in a period of fascism. By cons, in a situation where the class struggle must more than ever be brought to an end, reformism is more than ever criminal, because the urgency of the social revolution and its vital character mask. It does not reform the crimes of the ruling classes but sow fatal illusions about them and prevents the people to fight, and especially to the revolution. Even when the alternative is revolution or barbarism, there are political currents among the masses to claim that anything can calm down, settle, to end in an agreement reconciling the irreconcilable! This is the fight that must be fought to defeat fascism: the fight against fatalism dominant that spread continuously among the dominated.

While it is important to combat the lies of those who deny the existence today gas chambers and death camps, we must also fight many lies spread even among the Jews, and to suggest that we could not do anything to save Jews from death, we knew not that the Jews could not rebel against German fascism, the only solution was to rely on the military struggle of the Allies to save the peoples of the Nazis, etc ... Today, many documents show that all this is false . The Allies were never this war to save the people from destruction, nor the Jewish people another! They went to war to oppose the interests of the ruling classes of the most powerful imperialist country in the world. And no bourgeoisie in the world, she was oppressed, never had as a program to cut down the cause of this oppression: the system itself. The case of the extermination of Jews was only more horrible, more difficult to imagine because we continue to think about the system as if they were men, not a machine for producing the operation and the oppression. And we can not conceive that men could participate in such horror. When we admit, it’s finally say that man is naturally evil or that God’s designs are impenetrable. It is clear that those who stick to the moral point of view are not likely to understand how the system logic does not prohibit slaughter of a people and the choice of fascism by the German ruling class had been supported by the bourgeoisie World on behalf of the need to crush the oppressed Germany first, the rest of Eastern Europe then. The class struggle is indeed the key to the story, including that of the Jews during World War II. The political leadership of the Jewish people of Eastern European countries themselves do not particularly want their people to understand it, and neither wants the no bourgeoisie in the world.

The relative ease with which the Nazis have murdered at least two million and half Jews, not to mention the Gypsies or homosexuals, impresses. The repressive forces that were used in the massacre are relatively few. They would have been quite insufficient to face a popular revolt. But the Nazis assisted quite unexpected: that of the leaders of the Jewish community itself! Indeed, the most amazing in the extermination of Jews by the Nazis, is the active participation of the leaders of the Jewish community. They did not just not to organize revolt and even actively advocate the accomodation to the orders of Nazi authorities, be they criminal orders. They, on the pretext that the worst would be to revolt, the authorities are even more violently take the Jews in case of revolt, crushed any hint of organization of resistance and revolt. Their police arrested the rebels, resisters, denounced and delivered to the Nazis. Many resumed justifications that gave themselves these "Jewish authorities", that of safeguarding the surviving Jews. However, these authorities were to provide themselves the starters for the East leaving for death. They covered the name of the need to avoid at all costs any revolt, the Nazis lies on the destination of "convoys to the east", actually starts to extermination camps. They swore their gods that the Jews who went to the East did not go What to participate in appropriate work by the Nazis, then the noise that ran on gas chamber was false. Yet the leaders of the Judenrat that allowed the Nazis to have no difficulty to enclose the Jews in the ghettos, to file, to take them to transport and to calm, these leaders were nothing more than former leaders of the community and not the Jewish leaders appointed by the Germans! Now these "Jewish leaders" of the Judenrat were the first to have known or understood that the Nazis wanted to exterminate the Jews. Their blindness has a class character, in the sense that these leaders and these bourgeois wanted less than any revolt or revolution. They campaigned against same when the discussion put this issue on the table. They claimed that the Nazis were more violent, more had to be gentle, obedient and learn to make himself useful by work. How well would eventually subside. They thus applied their old reformist philosophy, which was based on the religious fatalism but nothing Jewish properly. These are all people that the bourgeois democrats in Europe delivered to fascism denial of the social revolution! And first of all the German population. Other borgeoisies Europe, far from regretting that Germany falls into the hands of the Nazis, are are welcomed. Because they understood very well that the alternative in the short term, was fascism or revolution.

When the social situation brings face to face the revolutionary risk (for the ruling class) and the risk against-revolutionary (for the oppressed and the working class ), any attempt to fix things, to reconcile the combatants, reduce suffering, to defuse the situation has the opposite effect: it increases the suffering of the oppressed, worsens the violence and makes things harder and more violent. The Jews of Europe suffered the most atrocious manner: by extermination. Remove millions of men, women and children could have been an impossible task for the Nazis if the victims were warned and had decided not to make the slightest gesture to facilitate the actions of the executioner. This is exactly the opposite happened. The argument that Jewish suffering would be reduced if the Jews themselves facilitated the recencements, controls, movement, consolidation and deportations, this horrible argument that justified the Judenrat allowed a small number of German soldiers to tackle a large number of victims. It was exactly the opposite policy of making concentration, deportation and extermination as difficult as possible should have been the policy proposed to the Jewish community. Although nothing could be easier in such a fight, the solution of lend as gently as possible to the executioner is certainly no.

Refusing to compromise with the Nazis could only be a strategy for the overthrow, to appeal to the people, to push soldiers to insoumettre, in short, a revolutionary strategy. Even at the risk of their own lives, the bourgeois leaders could advocate such a strategy because they defend first and foremost their system against any revolutionary threat. And of course the risk of the life of "their" people! Relying on bourgeois leaders, be they Jews, to defend the Jewish people is a deadly illusion. As written by Simone de Beauvoir, I would bet that some of those who read me treat me an anti-Semite! It’s easier than opposing an explanation to that of the class struggle and also battling another when people are dealing with a ruling class prepared to go through at any price, the price of the blood, to retain power against a revolutionary threat.

"The biggest clash that pitted the Jews and the Germans took place in the Warsaw ghetto. This armed struggle no change in the evolution of the destruction process. But in Jewish history, this battle is under a clean revolution " Raul Hilberg in" The Destruction of the European Jews "

Antisemtimism, fascism and the holocaust

The explanation of the antisemitism without class struggle

It was not possible to kwow that jewish people will be killed by nazism ?

Leon Trotsky - On the Jewish Problem

Trotsky a letter to an American reader in 1933 :

"Now you wonder how American workers can help the struggle of the German proletariat against fascism? The greatest aid can and must be to fight fascism in America itself. The Germans are a significant fraction of the population of the United States Hitler would . into a base for American fascism the working masses of America will follow this process very carefully All American worker should say. "We will not let the fascists raise his head!" and it is not enough to say, it should be done. All seat fascist infection should be surrounded by a ring of defensive fighting organizations. any attempt of the fascists to seize the streets, destroying a newspaper or break a meeting should be without thank you nipped in the bud.

National Socialism is inseparably linked to anti-Semitism and its pogroms. In the Jewish section of the population of the United States, the question of the growth of fascism in America is therefore of vital importance. Relying on the "Constitution" American as a guarantee in itself against the fascists would be pure childishness. The example of Italy, and especially Germany, should learn something for mature people! Only a mass struggle against fascism can prevent it developing. In this sense, the Jewish working population of America can hope to actual defense as a powerful development of the labor movement in the United States. "

Highlights - November 1938 Leon Trotsky’s Jewish bourgeoisie and the revolutionary struggle December 22, 1938

Father Coughlin [1], which apparently seeks to demonstrate that absolute moral idealist does not prevent man from being the worst scoundrel, told the radio that I had received in the past for the revolution of huge amounts of money of the Jewish bourgeoisie of the United States. I answered in the press that it was false. [2] I have not received any money not, of course, because I would have refused financial support for the revolution, but because the Jewish bourgeoisie did not offer such support. The Jewish bourgeoisie remained faithful to the principle: do not give anything. Even today, when it is his head that it is. Stifling in its contradictions, capitalism leads furious blows against the Jews and also some of those blows fell on the Jewish bourgeoisie in spite of all his "services" rendered passed to capitalism. philanthropic nature of measures for refugees become less and less effective compared to the immensity of the evils that afflict the Jewish people. Now is the turn of France. The victory of fascism in this country would mean a great strengthening of the reaction and a monstrous growth of violent anti-Semitism around the world, especially the United States. The number of countries that deport Jews is growing. The number of countries able to accommodate decreases. At the same time the fight has only be exacerbated. It is possible to imagine without difficulty what awaits the Jews at the beginning of the future world war. But even without war the next development of world reaction signifies almost with certainty the physical extermination of the Jews. Palestine has been a tragic mirage, Birobidzhan a bureaucratic farce. The Kremlin refuses to accept refugees. The "anti-fascist congress" old ladies and young careerists do not have the slightest importance. Now more than ever the fate of the Jewish people - not just their political destiny, but their physical destiny - is linked inextricably to the emancipatory struggle of the international proletariat. Only a courageous mobilization of the workers against reaction, the constitution of workers’ militia, direct physical resistance to the fascist gangs, confidence and greater self, activity and audacity on the part of all the oppressed, can cause a change in the ratio of forces stop the global wave of fascism, and open a new chapter in the history of mankind. The Fourth International was the first to proclaim the danger of fascism and indicate the way of salvation. The Fourth International calls on the Jewish masses to not delude ourselves and to openly confront the threatening reality. There is no salvation in the revolutionary struggle. The "nerve" of the revolutionary struggle, like war, is money. Progressive and insightful elements of the Jewish people must come to the aid of the revolutionary vanguard. Hurry up. One day, today was a month or even a year. What you do, do quickly!

Notes [1] Charles E. Coughlin (born 1891), Irish-born Catholic priest ordained in 1916 became, in the late twenties, a very influential radio agitator calling for a crusade against "godless capitalists , Jews, Communists, international bankers and plutocrats. " He chaired the National Union for Social Justice, and received three million letters a year. He had accused Trotsky of having received in 1917 a significant amount of a Jewish capitalist. [2] See Declaration of November 28, 1938.

In 1940, Trotsky warned of the massacre of Jews in Eastern Europe was coming:

"The period of the disappearance of world trade and the decline of domestic trade is also that of a monstrous intensification of chauvinism and especially of anti-Semitism. At the time of its rise, capitalism has released the Jews from the ghetto and made it the instrument of its commercial expansion. Today, capitalist society in decline try to squeeze the Jewish people from all its pores: seventeen million individuals out of the two billion inhabitants of the earth, that is to say less than 1%, can no longer find place on our planet! Amid the vast expanses of land and the marvels of technology that conquered to man the sky as the earth, the bourgeoisie has managed to make the world a horrible prison. "

Leon Trotsky, alarm Manifesto of the Fourth International

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