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Résultat du calendrier
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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de https://www.matierevolution.org/

  • Struggles Make History — Don’t Wait For the Politicians

    18 October 2018, by Robert Paris
    Struggles Make History — Don’t Wait For the Politicians The elections are approaching and people are asking, what can we get from these elections? Some people are turning their hopes towards the politicians who are running, especially those from the Democratic Party. It’s not surprising because we are told this is how change is made in history – by important politicians. The Democrats pretend, for example, that they are the party that stands on the side of working people or minorities. The (...)

  • Who Was Lumumba ?

    14 October 2018, by Robert Paris
    Mobutu, Kasa-Vubu, Tshombe : the killers With his killer MobutuAnd the others who decided of his deathPresident ArrestedWho Was Lumumba ? Lumumba is one of the most beloved African leaders of the Independence. He was victim of the hate of the whole bourgeoisie, the leaders of Congo’s independence as well as all bourgeoisies in the world. And, first of all, the imperialist bourgeoisie of USA, Belgium and France, and their governments. And they killed him… But the people of Congo was also (...)

  • John Brown, Warrior of the Abolitionist Revolution

    12 October 2018, by Robert Paris
    Speech to the Court at his Trial, after his conviction (2 November 1859) : “In the first place, I deny everything but what I have all along admitted, the design on my part to free the slaves.…” John Brown, Warrior of the Abolitionist Revolution John Brown was a revolutionary militant of liberty. There was nothing alien or exotic about him; he was a genuine growth of the American soil. The roots of his family tree on both sides reached back among the first English settlers of Connecticut. (...)

  • What Is Matter ? What Is Experience ?

    5 octobre 2018, par Robert Paris
    What Is Matter ? What Is Experience ? The Ways of Matter to Build New Structures Status of Experience in Physics Science is not only experience Particle of matter or emergence of structure in the vacuum Misconceptions about Matter

  • Phénomena of the Universe, Francis Bacon

    3 October 2018, by Robert Paris
    Since it seems to me that people do not keep strictly to the straight and narrow when forming their opinions or putting things to the test, I have decided to use all the means at my disposal to remedy this misfortune. For in nothing else does the aspiration to deserve well show itself than it things are so arranged that people, freed both from the hobgoblins of belief and blindness of experiments, may enter into a more reliable and sound partnership with things by, as it were, a certain (...)

  • The Materialist Conception of History

    1 October 2018, by Robert Paris
    G.V. Plekhanov The Materialist Conception of History (1891) I We must confess that it was with no little prejudice that we took up the book of this Roman professor. We had been rather frightened by certain works of some of his compatriots – A. Loria, for example (see, in particular, La teoria economica della constituzione politica). But a perusal of the very first pages was enough to convince us that we had been mistaken, and that Achille Loria is one thing and Antonio Labriola another. (...)

  • Biography of Albert Einstein

    19 septembre 2018, par Robert Paris
    History of Albert Einstein By Einstein From Einstein By himself By Abraham Pais By Saviour Pirotta By David Reichinstein By FBI By Mattern-Santrey By Ann Heinrichs By Sheila Wyborny By Jake Goldberg By Derek Raine By Gero von Boehm By Max Born By Gerald Holton By John Rigden By Sammartino-McPherson By Amanda Tourville [By Calaprice-Lipscombe -> https://books.google.fr/books?id=5e...

  • Paradoxes from Zeno of Elea

    25 August 2018, by Robert Paris
    Zeno of Elea Zeno of Elea, most historians agree, is the oldest known user of the Greek term dialectic. Zeno, a pupil and friend of Parmenides, lived in the fifth century B.C. He sought to uphold his master’s doctrine of the existence of the One by refuting and contradicting the popular belief in the existence of the Many. In reply to those who thought that Parmenides’ theory involved inconsistencies and absurdities, Zeno tried to show that the assumption of the existence of the Many carried (...)

  • Anti-Dühring, Friedrich Engels, in english

    5 août 2018, par Robert Paris
    Works of Frederick Engels 1877 Anti-Dühring Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science Formerly known as Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science, Engels’ Anti-Dühring is a popular and enduring work which, as Engels wrote to Marx, was an attempt “to produce an encyclopaedic survey of our conception of the philosophical, natural-science and historical problems.” Marx and Engels first became aware of Professor Dühring with his December 1867 review of Capital, published in Ergänzungsblätter. They (...)

  • Leon Trotsky, Our Revolution

    6 April 2018, by Robert Paris
    Leon Trotsky, Our Revolution Who Was Leon Trotsky ? The Lessons of the Great Year (January 1917) On the Eve of a Revolution (January 1917) Internal Forces of the Russian Revolution (March 1917) The Growing Conflict (March 1917) Peace and Reaction (May 1917) The Farce of Dual Power (June 1917) The July Uprising (July 1917) The Struggle for State Power (July 1917) After the July Days (September 1917) We Can Learn From the Russian Revolution (October 1917) With Blood and Iron (...)

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