Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société.

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  • Our Program and the Political Situation (December 1918)

    7 mars 2022

    Comrades ! Our task today is to discuss and adopt a program. In undertaking this task we are not motivated solely by the formal consideration that yesterday we founded a new independent party and that a new party must formulate an official program. Great historical movements have been the determining causes of today’s deliberations. The time has come when the entire Social Democratic socialist program of the proletariat has to be placed on a new foundation. Comrades ! In so doing, we (...)

  • Why Socialism ? by Albert Einstein

    15 janvier 2022

    Is it advisable for one who is not an expert on economic and social issues to express views on the subject of socialism ? I believe for a number of reasons that it is.
    Let us first consider the question from the point of view of scientific knowledge. It might appear that there are no essential methodological differences between astronomy and economics : scientists in both fields attempt to discover laws of general acceptability for a circumscribed group of phenomena in order to make the (...)

  • The old world collapses ! The new world, in germs, has a great future !

    19 août 2020, par F. Kletz, Robert Paris

    The old world collapses ! The new world, in germs, has a great future !
    According to the governments, the second wave of covid-19 is coming and they are preparing to fight against it… but they are lying. Indeed, there was never a first wave that would have be broken under the action of the public authorities. The first wave hasn’t stopped at all. It i’s the same pandemic and the same wave of covid is continuing. In summer, in the midst of general deconfinement, we reached the peaks of (...)

  • George Plekhanov - The Meaning of Hegel (1891)

    22 octobre 2019

    In 1891 the editors of Neue Zeit, theoretical magazine of the German Social Democratic Party, requested G.V. Plekhanov to write an article in connection with the 60th anniversary of Hegel’s death. Few were better qualified to deal with this subject than Plekhanov, a profound student of philosophy and the best trained Marxist theoretician of Russia at the time. Plekhanov’s philosophical writings, including his Hegel essay, were for the most part written in the heyday of his (...)

  • French Social Revolution of Yellow Vests

    21 décembre 2018, par Robert Paris

    It’s a revolt ?
    No my lord, it’s a revolution !
    French Social Revolution of Yellow Vests
    The working class in the protest of yellow vests : abolition of all indirect taxes !
    It’s not Macron, it’s the street that changes the climate !
    Yellow vests : workers’ committees everywhere !
    What really hinders the state power and the possessing classes in the movement of yellow vests
    Finished, outdated, impossible, social revolutions, did you say ? !!!
    Yellow vests : this is just (...)

  • What Is Matter ? What Is Experience ?

    5 octobre 2018, par Robert Paris

    What Is Matter ? What Is Experience ?
    The Ways of Matter to Build New Structures
    Status of Experience in Physics
    Science is not only experience
    Particle of matter or emergence of structure in the vacuum
    Misconceptions about Matter

  • Biography of Albert Einstein

    19 septembre 2018, par Robert Paris, Tiekoura Levi Hamed

    History of Albert Einstein
    By Einstein
    From Einstein
    By himself
    By Abraham Pais
    By Saviour Pirotta
    By David Reichinstein
    By FBI
    By Mattern-Santrey
    By Ann Heinrichs
    By Sheila Wyborny
    By Jake Goldberg
    By Derek Raine
    By Gero von Boehm
    By Max Born
    By Gerald Holton
    By John Rigden
    By Sammartino-McPherson
    By Amanda Tourville
    [By Calaprice-Lipscombe -> (...)

  • Anti-Dühring, Friedrich Engels, in english

    5 août 2018, par Max

    Works of Frederick Engels 1877
    Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science
    Formerly known as Herr Eugen Dühring’s Revolution in Science, Engels’ Anti-Dühring is a popular and enduring work which, as Engels wrote to Marx, was an attempt “to produce an encyclopaedic survey of our conception of the philosophical, natural-science and historical problems.”
    Marx and Engels first became aware of Professor Dühring with his December 1867 review of Capital, published in (...)

  • Class Struggle In Rwanda

    20 mai 2017, par Robert Paris

    Class Struggle In Rwanda
    A History of Rwanda and Burundi
    History of Rwanda
    1959-1961 : The False « Revolution »
    1959 : The Role of Church (in french)
    Habyarymana 1959 (in french)
    1959 : The Manipulation of Racial “Revolution”
    From 1990 to 1994 : From Class Struggle to Genocide…
    Wrestling in Africa 1988-1991
    1990 : Human Rights Report for Rwanda
    Political and Social Unrest in 1989-1990 in Rwanda and in Africa
    Revolts in Africa in 1988-1991 : from Côte d’Ivoire to (...)

  • Who is William Morris ?

    26 août 2015, par Robert Paris

    Who is William Morris ?
    Who is William Morris
    News From Nowhere
    A dream of John Ball
    Where are we now ?
    Other works
    William Morris quotes
    William Morris, Marx and Engels
    William Morris : Romantic or revolutionary ?
    William Morris and the utopists
    The following in french

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