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Résultat du calendrier
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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de https://www.matierevolution.org/

  • The Russian Revolution

    28 January 2023
    Read here Text 1 Text 2 Text 3 Text 4 Text 5 Texte 6 Text 7 Text 8

  • Marx/Engels and India

    16 January 2023, by Robert Paris
    Marx/Engels and India Marx, support of British colonialism in India? Text 1 Text 2 Text 3 Text 4 Text 5 Text 6 Text 7 Text 8 Text 9 Text 10 Text 11 Text 12 Text 13 Text 14 Text 15 Text 16 Text 17 Text 18 Text 19 Text 20 Text 21 Text 22 Text 23 Text 24 Text 25 Text 26 Text 27 Text 28 [Text 29 -> https://www.marxists.org/archive/

  • Trotsky and Trotskyism in India

    4 January 2023, by Robert Paris
    Trotsky and Trotskyism in India L.D. Trotsky The Revolution in India Its TASKS and its DANGERS (May 1930) https://marxists.architexturez.net/... Leon Trotsky An Open Letter to the Workers of India (July 1939) https://www.marxists.org/archive/tr... L. Trotsky Tasks of the Left Opposition in England and India (November 1931) https://www.marxists.org/archive/tr... The Fourth International to the Workers and Peasants of India https://www.marxists.org/subject/in... Trotskyism in (...)

  • Proletarian and socialist revolution in Sri Lanka...

    17 July 2022, by Robert Paris
    Sri Lanka: Protesters Force President and Prime Minister to Resign After three months of mobilizations, Sri Lankan protesters, about a million strong and surging from around the country, seized the residence of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in a massive rebellion. A few hours later, the protesters also occupied the residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. This was on Saturday, June 9. By Sunday morning, the Presidential palace, known as the Temple Trees, was occupied. Protesters (...)

  • Three uprisings in South Korea

    10 July 2022, by Robert Paris
    Three uprisings in South Korea INTRODUCTION Let us first recall that it was British and American imperialism that demanded that Stalin militarily occupy northern Asia and notably northern Korea while they occupied the south. Let us also remember that this had no military purpose because the war was then won in Japan crushed under the bombs and which only asked to capitulate. What motivated these imperialisms was the fear of a social revolution. In Korea, struck by misery and feudalism, (...)

  • C.L.R. James August The Voice of Africa

    19 June 2022
    Facing Mount Kenya by Jomo Kenyatta, with an introduction by B. Malinowski Secker & Warburg. 12/6. If ever there was a book that students of Africa needed, this is it. The book describes an African people, the Gikuyu, as they were forty years ago just before British imperialism descended on them. Similar books have been written before? Yes; but by white men chiefly, of varying intelligence and honesty. But even the best, like the late Emil Torday, wrote from the outside. Mr. Jomo (...)

  • Our Program and the Political Situation (December 1918)

    7 mars 2022, par Robert Paris
    Comrades ! Our task today is to discuss and adopt a program. In undertaking this task we are not motivated solely by the formal consideration that yesterday we founded a new independent party and that a new party must formulate an official program. Great historical movements have been the determining causes of today’s deliberations. The time has come when the entire Social Democratic socialist program of the proletariat has to be placed on a new foundation. Comrades ! In so doing, we connect (...)

  • Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy in General

    27 January 2022
    Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy in General Karl Marx - 1844 This is perhaps the place at which, by way of explanation and justification, we might offer some considerations in regard to the Hegelian dialectic generally and especially its exposition in the Phänomenologie and Logik and also, lastly, the relation (to it) of the modern critical movement.[42] So powerful was modern German criticism’s preoccupation with the past – so completely was its development entangled with the subject-matter (...)

  • Proletarians and Communism

    25 January 2022
    Proletarians and Communism Individuals, Class, and Community In the Middle Ages the citizens in each town were compelled to unite against the landed nobility to save their skins. The extension of trade, the establishment of communications, led the separate towns to get to know other towns, which had asserted the same interests in the struggle with the same antagonist. Out of the many local corporations of burghers there arose only gradually the burgher class. The conditions of life of (...)

  • Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy

    24 January 2022
    Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy Frederick Engels PART I - HEGEL The volume before us (1) carries us back to a period which, although in time no more than a generation behind us, has become as foreign to the present generation in Germany as if it were already a hundred years old. Yet it was the period of Germany’s preparation for the Revolution of 1848; and all that has happened since then in our country has been merely a continuation of 1848, merely the (...)

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