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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de https://www.matierevolution.org/

  • George Plekhanov - The Meaning of Hegel (1891)

    22 octobre 2019, par Robert Paris
    Introduction In 1891 the editors of Neue Zeit, theoretical magazine of the German Social Democratic Party, requested G.V. Plekhanov to write an article in connection with the 60th anniversary of Hegel’s death. Few were better qualified to deal with this subject than Plekhanov, a profound student of philosophy and the best trained Marxist theoretician of Russia at the time. Plekhanov’s philosophical writings, including his Hegel essay, were for the most part written in the heyday of his (...)

  • Gracchus Babeuf 1794 - Against the Terrorist Carrier

    5 October 2019, by Robert Paris
    Gracchus Babeuf 1794 They Want to Save Carrier; They Want to Put the Revolutionary Tribunal on Trial. People beware! “The crimes of the people’s representatives and those of their agents must never go unpunished. No one has the right to claim himself more inviolable than other citizens.” Declaration of the Rights of Man, art. 51 The people of Paris, the people of the whole Republic, have issued but one cry since the opening of the trial of the accomplices of the most execrable of (...)

  • Private Property and Communism

    17 September 2019, by Robert Paris
    The antithesis between lack of property and property, so long as it is not comprehended as the antithesis of labour and capital, still remains an indifferent antithesis, not grasped in its active connection, in its internal relation, not yet grasped as a contradiction. It can find expression in this first form even without the advanced development of private property (as in ancient Rome, Turkey, etc.). It does not yet appear as having been established by private property itself. But labour, (...)

  • Christian Rakovsky against Stalinism

    8 September 2019, by Robert Paris
    Who Was Christian Rakovsky Christian Rakovsky against Stalinism Speech to the Fifteenth Party Congress (December 1927) Comrades! The sphere of international relations is that sphere which necessitates the greatest unity in the party. Our foreign enemy is the most dangerous of all enemies, both for our party and the proletarian dictatorship. [Voices: “That is way you are breaking up the party. You should have known this before! You should have remembered that on November 7th!”] Although (...)


    6 September 2019, by Robert Paris
    KARL MARX THE FETISHISM OF COMMODITIES AND THE SECRET THEREOF A commodity appears, at first sight, a very trivial thing, and easily understood. Its analysis shows that it is, in reality, a very queer thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties. So far as it is a value in use, there is nothing mysterious about it, whether we consider it from the point of view that by its properties it is capable of satisfying human wants, or from the point that those properties are (...)

  • A Critique of The German Ideology

    10 August 2019, by Robert Paris
    A Critique of The German Ideology Preface Hitherto men have constantly made up for themselves false conceptions about themselves, about what they are and what they ought to be. They have arranged their relationships according to their ideas of God, of normal man, etc. The phantoms of their brains have got out of their hands. They, the creators, have bowed down before their creations. Let us liberate them from the chimeras, the ideas, dogmas, imaginary beings under the yoke of which they (...)

  • Charles Dickens, by Mehring

    31 July 2019, by Robert Paris
    Franz Mehring - "Charles Dickens" - (1912) OF the three great English novelists during the long reign of Queen Victoria – Bulwer, Dickens and Thackeray – Dickens was the most loved and most read, although the literature and philosophy of the Continent were much less familiar to him than to either of his classically educated rivals. Yet he easily outstripped them by his original talent and by that indomitable energy for work and life which was perhaps his most outstanding quality. He was (...)

  • Charles Fourier, “The Rise of Commerce and the Birth of Political Economy”

    15 July 2019, by Robert Paris
    Charles Fourier, “The Rise of Commerce and the Birth of Political Economy” Well! Why have nations taken so long to realise that the commercial order is a temporary monstrosity, an utterly senseless system that places the three productive classes — proprietors, farmers and manufacturers — at the mercy of a parasitical class which has no national loyalty and which can do whatever it wishes with the fruits of industry over which it exercises arbitrary control? So faulty a system is obviously the (...)

  • French Social Revolution of Yellow Vests

    21 décembre 2018, par Robert Paris
    It’s a revolt ? No my lord, it’s a revolution ! French Social Revolution of Yellow Vests The working class in the protest of yellow vests : abolition of all indirect taxes ! It’s not Macron, it’s the street that changes the climate ! Yellow vests : workers’ committees everywhere ! What really hinders the state power and the possessing classes in the movement of yellow vests Finished, outdated, impossible, social revolutions, did you say ? !!! Yellow vests : this is just the beginning, (...)

  • Conversation between D’Alembert and Diderot

    12 November 2018, by Robert Paris
    d’Alembert: I confess that a Being who exists somewhere and yet corresponds to no point in space, a Being who, lacking extension, yet occupies-space; who is present in his entirety in every part of that space, who is essentially different from matter and yet is one with matter, who follows its motion, and moves it, without himself being in motion, who acts on matter and yet is subject to all its vicissitudes, a Being about whom I can form no idea; a Being of so contradictory a nature, is an (...)

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