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Covid-19 and after...

Sunday 5 April 2020, by Robert Paris

Covid-19 and after?…

The G20 will throw five trillion dollars into the capitalist abyss and this will not even be enough to reduce the widening of the abyss as the latter grows at a faster rate than the number of deaths from the pandemic! No politician, no economist, no predictor dares to say that there is a chance of survival and economic recovery. They are content to assert that all means must be used, without limit, to "help the economy" and, if these colossal sums reach the hands of the capitalists, they do not create a revival, nor a prosperity and not even the confidence of the capitalists themselves!

Trump pays $ 2.2 trillion in aid… to the capitalists! The ECB pays 750 billion euros to the same! Japan pays them $ 120 billion ... No state and no central bank pays people, workers, ordinary people! Yes, the capitalist system will try to maintain itself whatever it costs human society! He is ready to pay, and above all to make people pay any price, in money as in human lives, to save the domination of the capitalist minority over exploited humanity!

Whatever the date on which the coronavirus struck each country, the authorities have chosen until the last moment to declare that it is nothing, it is less serious than an influenza and not to take massive and drastic measures . This is a reason which goes beyond blindness, stupidity, corruption, refusal to spend and the arrogance of the rulers. There was a calculation there and this one is not a plot but simply "a war", a war against the working people of the world going in revolution against the old dominant system in agony. Leaving the people stricken by the pandemic, by covering up with its supposedly natural character, means giving itself the means to terrorize, to encase, to develop the dictatorship, to prevent rallies and demonstrations, to destroy social reactions and political. This will not save the capitalist system which is incapable of surviving but it will temporarily save the states in the service of the capitalists.

The rulers try to make us believe that, out of the pandemic, things will be restored and that they will learn from all the faults committed and all the faults of society that allowed this catastrophe, and even will make this victory over the pandemic an advance in human society. The political reformers, union and associative, try to make us believe that it will be enough, at the end of the pandemic, to settle some politicians accounts, to reproach their improvidence and their incapacity with the politicians in place, as if it did was not much deeper than some bad decisions made by such and such, as if it were not the world system of domination itself which thus revealed its inability to protect humanity.

The capitalists are trying to make us believe that, once the pandemic has been resolved, they will be able to restart as before the economic machine. Do they believe it themselves or do they only want to make people believe it? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that all this is completely false and for a fundamental reason: it is not the coronavirus which killed the capitalist world even if it actually kills a large number of human beings and destroys many old ones social relations. No, it is human society that has just toppled over without knowing exactly what else, without the ruling classes being able to say what future they are preparing or the exploited classes being able to start building a new society free of old slag or even to develop their awareness and organization in this sense.

Of course, the role of politicians, media and governments in the service of big business is to save the operating system and they are ready to say that they will learn all the lessons. They said it already in 2008 without their policy having stopped favoring only big capital, in particular financial capital and even the worst of speculation, that which bet on the fall, that of rotten stocks and necrophile investments. He never made big capital pay for his rotten investments, even those that are destructive to the system! He never will! On the contrary, he has constantly bought out of the public funds of central banks and states, the rotten stocks that plagued the balance sheets of big capital! It has only flooded the big capitalists who destroy the system with their necrophile investments which bet on the fall!

When politicians like Macron declare that nothing will ever be the same, they only repeat Leopardi’s famous phrase in "Le Guépard": "Everything must change so that nothing changes!" »Change everything in appearance to keep the dictatorship of the exploiting class!

Both, according to the appreciation they gave to the fundamental causes of the current global collapse, health but also social, economic and even political, democratic, relational, suggest possible changes for the post-pandemic era. Those who accused globalization say that we will come back to it. Those who accused carbon pollution see the pandemic as a natural reaction from the planet. Religious who accused men’s amoralism see it as a punishment. Those who accused liberalism see a blessed era of nationalization and statism. Those who advocated a decline in production and a declination, a thesis of decrease, a decline in productive development, may believe that we are in the process of achieving it ... Those who notice that the borders are closing and world air trade fall, believe that the era of nations is coming back…

But they are mistaken, capitalism is in no way going towards a more ecological development, nor towards a decreasing development, nor towards a more sustainable development, nor towards a less globalist development, nor towards a more national development, nor even towards a more social, more respectful of workers, etc. No, capitalism is going towards none of this. He’s not going anywhere and has no back-up plan. He can only follow the same path and this leads him to only one exit: the abyss. This path is that of the private ownership of capital by a tiny minority and that of the search for the maximum profit of capital and these two, which led it to the glorious era of capitalism, towards an unceasing development accelerated, despite some economic crises, lead him today to his grave because the maximum profit is no longer obtained by hiring employees and investing in production but by speculating on ... massive aid, real distributions of thousands of billions, like hotcakes, by central institutions !!!

We are in a transition of human society and this may lead us to believe, wrongly, that everything could return to normal with such and such a small arrangement but this is false. Of course, there have been epidemics that have stopped and there have been economic recoveries after crises of capitalism, but the current historical situation is completely different: there are no new prospects for development within the framework of capitalism.

In fact, capitalism is not even dying in 2020: it was already dead in 2007-2008, that is thirteen years ago !!! The death of a system is not a simple one-off event and the agony can last but it is an irreversible event because the mainspring of economic and social functioning is broken. Capitalism will not be the first socio-economic system to have perished in history. On the contrary, he had many predecessors. Some are famous as the Roman Empire or the Inca Empire, but most people, even if they have visited ruins of civilizations, do not know how civilizations fall. We hear everything said and its opposite, not only on the origin of the coronavirus but also on the historical end of social systems, for example on the end of Roman slavery, on that of the Hittites or even on that of the Old regime in 1789-1793.

You should know that a social system only disappears when it is no longer capable of developing the productive forces and that this is the case today for capitalism. However, this operating system knew times when it did not need incentives or aids to develop production, to multiply the products produced and to massively hire employees!

What could have made it collapse at a time when technical capacities are higher than ever and when the level of capital circulating in the world reaches incredible heights?

Well, it is precisely the incredible level of world capital that drives capitalism down; it is its very success that makes it a historically outmoded system. At this incredible level of capital, no productive sphere is capable, profitably, of absorbing this mass of money in productive investments. Suddenly, the mass of speculative capital is such that it rocks the world and forces states and central banks to pay incessantly more rent to speculative capital, which is increasingly drugged with aid from central institutions, point to completely turn away from productive investment. And yet, the capitalist system can derive new wealth to be distributed only from the exploitation of human labor, from the surplus value extracted from surplus labor. By turning away from the exploitation of human labor in a lasting and not just an ad hoc way, during a classic crisis, capitalism signed its death sentence.

Capitalism is dead! It is not the coronavirus that kills him but his own contradictions and his inability to further develop the productive forces. The massive trillions of billions of billions will only delay the deadline while increasing the extent of the fall. If we do not quickly get rid of the old rotten operating system, it will bury us with it, by the coronavirus as by war and fascism, and will bring us into a bloody medieval hell! Humanity has many other perspectives on the condition of definitively getting rid of private property of the means of production and of the capitalist state! And first of all to rid the consciences of reformism and opportunism which lie to us, which push us into the arms of our worst enemies and which prevent us from looking at the future with courage and determination and from contacting us and organizing ourselves for prepare a new historical perspective! The future lies in the self-organization of the working people of the world and in their seizure of power over all of society and over all wealth! The coronavirus, far from delaying this deadline, requires its acceleration! Long live the world proletarian revolution, the only chance for the peoples to defend themselves from all threats, the pandemic as well as economic and social collapse and the political, police and military dictatorship! Against the sacred union, let us develop the revolutionary class struggle! Let us close ranks, comrades, prepare the new revolutionary party as a compass for our analysis, our organization and our action. More than ever, union or political activism alone is not the way: we need to study and understand what is happening and not pretend to act. As for claiming and claiming, it is outright outdated: we ask nothing of the wealthy classes when they arm the knife of the assassins! We are only preparing to overthrow them! The call for unity, including proletarian unity, must not hide or suppress differences, and above all not cowardly reject polemics. To prepare is first to discuss, even when it is more difficult to do it physically face to face. It is revolutionary proletarian ideas that we now urgently need! We are entering a period where ideas can become real forces because they can find their way to the exploited masses tomorrow! Debate, dear friends and comrades, and this is how we are already preparing a better world, a truly human society, without exploiters and exploited, without rulers and rulers, without owners and non-owners, without social classes and without oppression of State. Since the capitalists throw us into their collapse, let us ensure that humanity derives its freedom and its emancipation from it!

Since the start of the pandemic and the fall of the economy, the wealthy classes have digested thousands of billions distributed by states and central banks, money that could have built hospitals, hired health workers, produced protective materials and medicines, and this historic distribution of fortunes to the markets could not slow down the fall of the stock markets and of all capitalist functioning. The wealthy classes and their states are incapable of coping with the disaster, even if they pretend to do everything and to be essential to save us. They will do nothing more in favor of the people and only prepare to repress us violently.

Of course, in the immediate future, the fear aroused by the general fall of the society and by the immense wave of deaths causes only the withdrawal but the anger increases… The people are well aware that it is the incapacity of the system of exploitation which thus delivers them to death and misery in the short term.

Faced with the health, economic, social and political collapse: only one solution, the social revolution!

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