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Capitalism ! What’s next ?

Thursday 16 November 2017, by Robert Paris

Capitalism ! What’s next ?

1- There is no accidental origin to the current crisis. For the capitalists, far from being a surprise, it is a disaster announced. It is only for the general public, and particularly for the workers, that it is all that is most astonishing: the system which dominates the world, without a power capable of overthrowing it, without a social class which seems to challenge him this power, is falling apart and destroying himself.

2- It is not a cyclical crisis. This is not an American crisis. This is not a real estate crisis. It’s not a financial crisis. It’s not a banking crisis. This is not an oil crisis. It’s not a crisis of confidence. This is not an inflationary crisis. This is not a debt crisis. This is not a crisis due to a simple recession. Of course, there is all this at once, but that does not explain the foundation of the crisis. It is the entire capitalist system that is in crisis. The term "systemic" to characterize the crisis means that it is the very principle of capitalism that is dead.

3- It is the accumulation of capital that can no longer function. And this for a simple reason. The mechanism of capital accumulation has reached its limit.

4- This means that capitalism has not suffered a disease, a defect, or a faulty behavior of any of its actors. No, capitalism dies because it has been at the end of its possibilities. It is its success itself that brings about its end. There is no way to invent enough investment given the amount of capital available in the world. All gifts from central governments and central banks can only be palliatives of increasingly limited duration.

5- Capital is not just money. There is money today, and there has never been so much on the planet. But it is money that participates in a cycle in which even more work is going to be turned into money. The accumulation of capital is the very purpose of capitalist society. Producing and selling goods, exploiting workers, all this is only a means. Making money, getting rich is also a means. The very purpose is to turn that money into capital, that is, to find the means to invest it and make it pay back, which profit must itself be invested.

6- It is this mechanism that no longer works. He is not seized. He is not threatened. He is dead. It has been kept alive for a very long time by financial mechanisms and they themselves have just reached their limits. The dying can not be kept so long even by inventing new techniques of artificial survival. Of course, today everybody accuses the financial system and its "follies", but it is to forget that it is these so-called follies, policies practiced perfectly consciously, which allowed the system to continue beyond its limits.

7- Local wars such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia and Timor were also ways to keep the system going. But here too, the limits are reached.

8- What way would the system really recover? That of destroying a very large part of the accumulated wealth and goods. It is not enough for him to destroy the fictitious wealth of finance. He must, to leave, destroy a part of the planet as he has already done, under similar circumstances, in two world wars.

9- From this follows the alternative for the working classes and peoples. Between Capital and Labor, there is now a question of life and death. Even if the working class does not wish to consciously prepare for the definitive overthrow of the system and the foundation of a society based on the satisfaction of the collective needs of the peoples of the planet, it is capitalism itself that will force it to to choose.

10- The political and social mechanisms of domination are now outdated. We will see something new. Western "democracies" will show all their barbarism to the people who are least prepared: those of their own countries. Dictatorships, fascisms will return to the taste of the day.

11- It is urgent to prepare the vanguard for future situations. There is nothing more urgent than understanding the current crisis and its consequences and making them understand us. What is on the agenda is not only to defend against attacks. It is to defend against a large-scale ideological attack. The rulers will try to give their own interpretation of the events to convince us that only they can bring back the past era. They lie. She can not come back. They will try to prevent us from organizing ourselves to understand, discuss and respond to situations. The crisis of confidence of the people in the system is dangerous if the oppressed, if the people begin to organize, and already to meet to confront the points of view, to give their opinion on the meaning of what is happening and on how to deal with it.

12- What the ruling class wants is for everyone to face their fears, in the face of the material problems affecting their lives, those of their family, and ask themselves only what bourgeois leader will be able to save him. Supreme saviors, Hitler or dictatorial civilian or military leaders claiming to hold the solution, we will see scroll. The first of the deceptions that will come before us will be reformists of all stripes who will have many so-called solutions to save both the system and the population. The only effect of their speeches will be to demobilize the oppressed and to avoid any revolutionary risk to the exploiters in order to enable them to prepare their true violent solutions: dictatorships and wars. In advance, we must prepare ourselves to trust only ourselves.

13- Instead of protecting oneself, which will not be possible, one must seize the opportunity. Capitalism is reached in its foundations. Let’s take this opportunity to finish with this operating system. We are millions of times more numerous than the exploiters and much stronger than the system if we are aware of it. The end of capitalism will be a catastrophe and a massive retreat if we only defend ourselves, category by category, country by country, social group by social group. This can be the prelude to a historic advance of humanity if we decide to end wage slavery.

Conclusions :

It would be wrong to see the current crisis as a mere cyclical crisis. The evidence we have right now is that it is a systemic crisis, that is, a real limitation of the system that fundamentally challenges it. Of course, there are various crises within the current situation: a real estate crisis coupled with a speculative crisis a stock market crisis a banking crisis an economic recession an American crisis linked to the various deficits of the US imperialism a general crisis of the imperialist domination etc ... But all this does not add up. There is in fact only one crisis that has long been delayed by US imperialism essentially because of what has been called "globalization".

The US is unlikely to be able to delay the explosion. the jiggles of the world’s heads of state and financial leaders only underscore their great concern. One of the last steps Bush took after some resounding bankruptcies in the US, Britain or Spain is to announce a limitation on the right to speculate on the companies whose names follow. Understandably, these companies are full of holes, will soon go bankrupt and the financial system will attack them. These are: BNP Paribas, Bank of America, Barclays Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Daiwa Securities, Deutsche Bank, Allianz, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank, HSBC Holding, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Mizuko Financial Group, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Fred Mac and Fannie Mae. Exit therefore term of all those! Finally, he is led to nationalize one after the other or to redeem them by each other ... Until everything collapses!

But, again, this is only the submerged part of the iceberg. On the bottom, capitalism itself responds: "no future" ("no future") It is not the people, it is the system that no longer believes in it and no longer sees a way out.

To let everything explode is more and more the best solution to achieve the same result: to make people pay the costs of the crisis, to clean up by destroying, for - much later and after what wars? - leave on a healthier basis if everything is not destroyed by then!

For the workers and the poor people, the situation is new: we must prepare another future free of capitalism.

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