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Class Struggle in Great Britain

Friday 26 May 2017, by Robert Paris

Class Struggle in Great Britain

Social class in the United Kingdom

Peasants’ Revolt (1381)

The Peasants Revolt (1381)

The peasants’revolt of 1381 in UK

Enclosure riots (1529)

The Causes of the English Revolution (1529-1642)

Class Struggles in Shakespeare Theater

First Revolution (1640-1660)

The English Revolution

Cromwell and the Levellers

30 january 1649

Second Revolution (1688-1689)

Why the English Revolution Have Succeeded ?

Liverpool Seamen’s revolt (1775)

Textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution

The Luddites and the Combination Acts (1795-1834)

Combination Acts (1799-1800)

Owen Model Communities (1799-1827)

Luddites Destroy Woolen Machines (1811-1813)

The Luddites

Industrial Revolution in Scotland (1815)

The Black Dwarf (1817-1821)

Peterloo Massacre (1819)

Rising, Scotland (1820)

Repeal of Combination Acts (1825)

Reform Act (1832)

Factory Act (1833)

London Workingmen’s Association (1836)

Chartism (1838-1848)

The Chartists (1832-1842)

The chartist movement (1839)

The Condition of the Working Class in England (1844)

Trade unions and Revolution (1844-1848)

The Great Towns (1845)

Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx) Published in Great Britain (1848)

Two traditions: the seventeenth-century revolution and Chartism

England and Revolution (1848)

The Elections in England. — Tories and Whigs (1852)

Corruption at Elections (1852)

Industrial Revolution (1845-1853)

Letters of Marx and Engels on the Socialist Movement in England (1851-1895)

Ireland and the Fenians – Letters of Marx and Engels (1856-1894)

Lancashire Textile Strikes (1853-1854)

Ireland’s Revenge (1855)

The Excitement in Ireland (1858)

The Crisis in England (1861)

First International (1864)

Second Reform Act (1867)

Irish Question (1867)

First International and Irish Question

Irish Question (1870)

Terrorism in Ireland (1872)

Labour Aristocracy (1869-1893)

Trades Union Act (1871)

British Trade Unions

The Matchgirls Strike (1888)

Dockers’ Strike (1889)

New Unionism (1889)

Southampton Dock strike (1890)

Socialism by William Morris (1896)

Welsh coal strike (1898)

Taff Vale disput (1901)

Belfast Dock strike (1907)

Osborne Judgment (1909)

The Great Unrest (1910-1914)

Shop Steward Movement (1910-1922)

Shop Steward Movement

National Railway strike (1911)

Singer Manufacturing Strike

National coal strike (1912)

War’s Outbreak (1914)

The British Liberals and Ireland (1914)

Revolutionary Unionism and War (1915)

British Pacifism (1915)

Red Clydeside (1915-1920)

Red Clydeside and the shop stewards’ movement

The Programme of James Connolly (1916)

Labour In Irish History (1916)

Connolly on Ireland - The Call To Arms (1916)

Labour and Ireland (1916)

Imperialism and the Split in Socialism (1916)

Lenin and the “Aristocracy of Labor”

Britain and The Russian Revolution (1917)

Britain in Allied intervention during the Russian Civil War (1918)

British campaign in the Baltic (1918–1919)

United Kingdom railway strike (1919)

The British Intervention in South Russia (1918-1920)

The Anglo-Russian Committee (1924)

The Decline of Britain (1925)

Mr. Baldwin and ... gradualness (1925)

English Labour Leaders (1925)

Trade Unions (1925)

Labour Party (1925)

The situation in Britain (1925-1926)

General Strike (1926)

United Kingdom general strike (1926)

The Fabian ’theory’ of socialism (1926)

Problems of the British Revolution (1926)

The Anglo-Russian Committee and Comintern policy (1927)

The Struggle in Britain (1927)

The Invergordon Mutiny (1931)

Glasgow Rolls Royce strike (1943) and Strikes During Wartime

Imperialism: The Basis of Labour Party Crisis (1944)

Trade unions and post-war consensus (1950-1964)

UK miners’ strike (1969)

Colour Strike (1970-1971)

The Bureaucracy Today (1971)

UK miners’ strike (1972)

Background to the 1972 miners’ strike

Pentonville Five (1972)

After Pentonville (1972)

The Working Class (1974)

The Three-Day Week (1974)

Ulster Workers’ Council Strike (1974)

UK miners’ strike (1974)

Grunwick Dispute in London (1976-1977)

Winter of Discontent (1978-1979)

The balance of class forces (1979)

Battle of Orgreave (1984)

The Miners’ Strike (1984-1985)

Thatcher’s Battle Against Miners

The lessons of the Miners Strike

Thatcher planned to use army against 1984-1985 British miners’ strike

Wapping dispute (1986-1987)

United Kingdom postal workers strike (1988)

Liverpool Dockers’ Strike (1995-1998)

Firefighters strike (2002)

Scottish Nursery Nurses Strike (2003)

UK postal strikes (2007)

British teacher’s strike (2008)

United Kingdom council workers’ strike (2008)

First Group bus strike (2008)

UK workers’ pay plummets since 2008 global financial crash

900 Workers of Total fired ! (2009)

Royal Mail industrial disputes (2009)

London Underground strikes (2009-2017)

June 30th co-ordinated strikes (2011)

Southern railway workers in UK strike in the face of union sabotage (2017)

The anti-union laws and the trade union bureaucracy (2017)

Theses on the Class Struggle in Britain

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