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Contribution au débat sur la philosophie dialectique du mode de formation et de transformation de la matière, de la vie, de l’homme et de la société Ce site est complémentaire de https://www.matierevolution.org/

  • Anti-Dühring, Friedrich Engels

    5 août 2018, par Robert Paris
    Read here : Anti-Dühring, Friedrich Engels

  • Leon Trotsky, Our Revolution

    6 April 2018, by Robert Paris
    Leon Trotsky, Our Revolution Who Was Leon Trotsky ? The Lessons of the Great Year (January 1917) On the Eve of a Revolution (January 1917) Internal Forces of the Russian Revolution (March 1917) The Growing Conflict (March 1917) Peace and Reaction (May 1917) The Farce of Dual Power (June 1917) The July Uprising (July 1917) The Struggle for State Power (July 1917) After the July Days (September 1917) We Can Learn From the Russian Revolution (October 1917) With Blood and Iron (...)

  • Wirtings of Karl Marx upon India

    3 April 2018, by Robert Paris
    Karl Marx, Wirtings upon India The British Rule in India British Incomes in India The East India Company — Its History and Results Sir Charles Woods’ East India Reforms The Government of India Marx and Colonialism in India The East India Question India The Revolt in the Indian Army The Revolt in India The Indian Question Indian News State of the Indian Insurrection Investigation of Tortures in India The Revolt in India The Capture of Delhi, by Frederick Engels The Indian (...)

  • Frederick Engels and Science

    2 April 2018, by Robert Paris
    Read Here "Dialectics of Nature" Anti-Dühring by Frederick Engels 1877 : Philosophy of Nature Time and Space We now come to philosophy of nature. Here again Herr Dühring has every cause for dissatisfaction with his predecessors. “Natural philosophy sank so low that it became an arid, spurious doggerel founded on ignorance”, and “fell to the prostituted philosophistics of a Schelling and his like, rigging themselves out in the priesthood of the Absolute and hoodwinking the public”. Fatigue (...)

  • Friedrich Hegel, The Critical Philosophy

    6 March 2018, by Robert Paris
    §40 In common with Empiricism the Critical Philosophy assumes that experience affords the one sole foundation for cognitions; which however it does not allow to rank as truths, but only as knowledge of phenomena. The Critical theory starts originally from the distinction of elements presented in the analysis of experience, viz. the matter of sense, and its universal relations. Taking into account Humes’s criticism on this distinction as given in the preceding section, viz. that sensation (...)

  • Readings Upon Dialectics

    22 February 2018, by Robert Paris
    Readings Upon Dialectics “The whole world, natural, historical, intellectual, is represented as a process – i.e., as in constant motion, change, transformation, development; and the attempt is made to trace out the internal connection that makes a continuous whole of all this movement and development.” Engels, Socialism: Utopian & Scientific "It is an eternal cycle in which matter moves, a cycle that certainly only completes its orbit in periods of time for which our terrestrial year is (...)

  • Writings of Otto Rühle

    20 February 2018, by Robert Paris
    Otto Ruhle was a founder member of the Communist Workers Party of Germany and attended the second congress of the Comintern as a delegate from that organisation. The party, part of what was called "left-communism", drew some of its ideas from the IWW and was an outspoken opponent of Bolshevism. Otto Rühle and the German Labour Movement Speech in the Reichstag From the Bourgeois to the Proletarian Revolution Karl Marx: His Life and Works Karl Marx’s Capital The struggle against Fascism (...)

  • October 1917, the Proletarian Revolution, Our Revolution

    15 February 2018, by Robert Paris
    October 1917, the Proletarian Revolution, Our Revolution John Rees, In Defence of October Leon Trotsky, In Defence Of October V. I. Lenin, The Tasks of the Revolution Victor Serge, The Insurrection of 25 October 1917 Leon Trotsky, The October Insurrection Leon Trotsky, The Lessons of October Why October 1917 belongs to the workers of today as those of yesterday Centenary of the Russian Revolution Who led the October Revolution? Leon Trotsky, the main leader of the 1917 (...)

  • Anthropogenic Global Warming, True or False?

    15 January 2018, by Robert Paris
    Anthropogenic Global Warming, True or False? First Questions What to think about the thesis of Anthropogenic Warming A Few Answers to Some Simple Questions about the Climate IPCC is not a Guaranty of Scientific Truth New Glaciation or Global Warming: What future of the Earth’s Climate? Climatology and Deterministic Chaos When Capitalist’s Dirigeants Discuss upon Climate, they Think of Economic and Social Crisis And if instead of constantly talking about the climate, we were told about (...)

  • The Ways of Matter to Build New Structures

    12 January 2018, by Robert Paris
    Emergence, Self-organization, Negentropy far from Balance and Deterministic Chaos, the Non-linear Ways of Matter to Build New Structures What is Emergence? What is self-organization? What is Entropy and Negentropy? What is Deterministic Chaos? Self-organization or order spontaneously resulting from the disorder What is Non-linearity Non-linear Dynamics creates New Structures The Theory of Deterministic Chaos Particle of Matter and Emergence of Structure in the Vaccum Why does the (...)

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