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Leon Trotsky, Our Revolution

Friday 6 April 2018, by Robert Paris

Leon Trotsky, Our Revolution

Who Was Leon Trotsky ?

The Lessons of the Great Year (January 1917)

On the Eve of a Revolution (January 1917)

Internal Forces of the Russian Revolution (March 1917)

The Growing Conflict (March 1917)

Peace and Reaction (May 1917)

The Farce of Dual Power (June 1917)

The July Uprising (July 1917)

The Struggle for State Power (July 1917)

After the July Days (September 1917)

We Can Learn From the Russian Revolution (October 1917)

With Blood and Iron (August 1917)

The Peace Programme of the Revolution (November 1917)

History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk (February 1918)

At Brest-Litovsk (May 1918)

Lenin Wounded (September 1918)

The Principles of Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship (1918)

The Military Writings of Leon Trotsky (1918)

Order out of Chaos (January 1919)

Manifesto of the Communist International to the Workers of the World (March 1919)

Report on the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Red Army (March 1919)

To Comrades of the Spartacus League (March 1919)

A Creeping Revolution (April 1919)

Rallying the Army - During the Civil War (April 1919)

Thoughts on the Progress of the Proletarian Revolution (April-May 1919)

Great Days (May 1919)

Report of Comrade Trotzky for the Communist International (1919)

Problems of the Red Army (November 1919)

V.I. Lenin - On His Fiftieth Birthday (April 1920)

Manifesto of the Second World Congress - Part 1 (1920)

Manifesto of the Second World Congress - Part 2 (1920)

Speech on Comrade Zinoviev’s - Report on the Role of the Party (July 1920)

On the Policy of the KAPD (November 1920)

Terrorism and Communism (1920)

The March Movement in Germany (April 1921)

The Red Army to the General Staff of the Revolution (June 1921)

A School of Revolutionary Strategy (July 1921)

The Fifth Anniversary of the October Revolution and the Fourth World Congress of the Communist International (October 1922)

Prospects of Revolution (December 1922)

Political Perspectives (1922)

The Contradictions of the Soviet Policy (December 1922)

The New Course (1923)

The Curve of Capitalist Development (April 1923)

Theses on Industry (April 1923)

On the German Revolution (October 1923)

Bureaucratism and Factional Groups (December 1923)

The Lessons of October (1924)

The History of the Russian Revolution (1930)

The Russian revolution of 1917 with stories and photographs

Trotsky in 1917

Leon Trotsky, the main leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution

Trotsky Copenhague’s Conference

Three conceptions of the Russian revolution

History of the Russian Revolution

1917-2017 : One Century After, The Russian Revolution

Lectures Upon the Russian Revolution of 1917

Trotsky was the first leader of October Revolution and Red Army

Leon Trotsky, leader of the Red Army

Testimonies on Leon Trotsky, the greatest and most slandered revolutionary

Documents from the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs Leon Trotsky

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